This is FDAQRCync- a secure project portal. It is important to us and in support of our clients that we limit the potential breaches of security and confidentiality. Breaches of personal, confidential or proprietary information have increased 780% in the last decade, with the average incident costing a firm over $600,000. Incident investigations within the pharmaceutical industry indicate that the most significant breaches occur when information is handled, transmitted, or managed by third parties.

We have provided this portal as a quick and secure way for you to exchange materials for use, as needed on a project. Each project has a unique page and set of login credentials. Please note that anyone with these login credentials may access the site. This portal will be maintained by the FDAQRC Project Manager assigned to your project. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your assigned Project Manager. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Kind Regards,
Chris Rush, President

By using this tool, I consent for FDAQRC to use and maintain the personal information supplied to conduct business. I have access to this information and can make corrections at any time. FDAQRC manages this data, does not share this data externally except for the purposes for conducting business and has security measures in place to protect the data. Data will be stored until such time that it is requested to be removed in accordance with applicable international regulations.

For Client users, please use this box to reset your password. For Consultant users, the password for this tool is the same as FDAQRConnect; please use this link to reset your password on FDAQRConnect.